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Who we are

Digital transformation is shaping the world around us. We at InFactory Solutions help industries better understand and optimize their production processes by providing the right digital services for tomorrow needs.

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Our Solutions

InFactory offers dedicated digital solutions to drive your production line to the extra mile.

Automatic, in-process quality inspection


Our sensor systems monitor the quality of different production steps in process, inform you about defects and abnormalities and may also react fully automatically if desired.

On and offline quality control


Our data analytic tools enable the analysis of defects and correlations of different production steps. Fully connected production steps offer a constant optimization of your production, prediction of inefficiencies as well as the feedback to your designers and engineers.

Our lab for new digital concepts


With our engineering consulting services we support production through new insights in materials, processes and software development. Understanding your requirements on the one hand while offering you innovative technologies on the other is our ambition.

What we do

We develop automated, connected and intelligent manufacturing systems for different industries.

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