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New age of manufacturing

We are living in a time of change. Almost every aspect of our lives is facing digital transformation. So is the industry. Whether you call it industry 4.0, smart manufacturing or industry of the future: all these terms herald a new era – the era of digitalization. Almost all manufacturers are now reviewing whole production systems from the digital perspective. We at InFactory Solutions understand the challenge and help industries to take the plunge into a smart and digital environment. We offer the right solutions for individual industry needs consisting of consulting, software and engineering services: sensor systems, data analytics and innovation support.

Fiber-Layup Monitoring

Our sensors allow you to monitor the layup process of your composite parts and identify non-conformities in real-time, avoiding time-consuming manual inspections. In addition, the quality data can be collected and stored to enable big data analytics. This helps you not only to save inspection time, cost of non-quality and risk of severe damage, but also to conduct predictive maintenance of your machine park.

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Cure and Flow Front

With our unique line sensor we can track the resin flow continuously within RTM and LRI processes for all standard materials ranging from aerospace to renewable energy. Knowing the flow of the resin during the infusion of composite parts helps our customers to identify process deviations, speed up the implementation of new process and also enable more automated process control.

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Leakage Detector

Ensuring a vacuum tight bagging is critical for the quality of composite parts manufactured in open mold processes. Our sensor solution allows you to not only evaluate the vacuum tightness but also to locate potential leaks creating significant time savings. The collected data can also serve as an enabler to identify aging of tooling and to react early.

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Automated Visual Inspection

We offer both manual and robot based vision systems that help you complement non-destructive testing with automatic surface inspection. This enables a faster and more reliable quality assurance.

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Sensor Data Connectivity and Continuity

Our Data Analytics solutions help you analyze the data collected from sensors, machines and other sources to identify and control the factors influencing your production, both online and offline. This helps you increase your quality, production turnover and flexibility.

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Innovation Support

As material, process, and software experts we consult you in evaluating new concepts and technologies at each step along your production line from part manufacturing over assembly to final quality inspection.

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