Cure and Flow Front

Process Chain


With its unique line sensor technology, our Cure&Flow Front (CFF) monitoring solution provides new opportunities to accelerate development and improve cost efficiency of dry fiber manufacturing processes.

  • Precise resin localization along line sensors with high spatial resolution
  • Real time monitoring of flow front and cure progress
  • 16 channels for parallel monitoring of resin behavior on large and complex parts
  • Intuitive user interface and visualization
  • Specialized equipment for industrial and lab applications


CFF can provide monitoring solutions for infusion processes in various industries.

  • Large-scale infusion processes of glass fiber materials for renewable energy or marine applications
  • High-temperature open mold infusion processes for carbon composite aerospace parts
  • High-performance closed mold RTM applications for automotive and aerospace applications


Our unique line sensor technology provides unrivaled information about the resin flow and cure in composite manufacturing.

  • Line sensor – (1 to 10m long) with 1% length resolution
  • Intuitive result interpretation for operators
  • Automatic calibration
  • Simultaneous evaluation of up to 16 sensors – overlap possible
  • Evaluation of different sensor geometries with one equipment
  • Easy sensor handling & integration


We are continuously thriving to improve our monitoring technology and to extend its functionality to provide the highest benefit for our customers‘ applications.

  • Customized configurations for special applications e.g. sensor integration into stiff or flexible mold
  • Direct visualization of the resin flow on digital part models for intuitive data interpretation
  • Enabler for process automation through integration of various industrial interfaces e.g. OPCUA
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