Automated Visual Inspection


InFy Automated Visual Inspection „AVI“ System is designed to detect, classify and display defects on Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) parts fulfilling aerospace quality requirements.

AVI represents the fourth and newest pillar of the InFy product portfolio and is a major technology brick with the other Testia Group products toward digital continuity of product life cycle.


Our multi-sensor head and our own developed software allows inspection of composites parts with different surface finishing and geometry:

  • CFRP parts with or without Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (GFRP)/Expanded Copper Foill (ECF) layer
  • Smooth or rough surface finishing
  • Tool surface or peel ply surface
  • Primer and paint surface in development


  • Dynamic and contactless data acquisition
  • Automatic defects detection & documentation creation
  • Full coverage of CFRP surface defects
  • Synchronized Sensor/Robot data


At InFy we are pushing the boundaries of optical sensors and industrial lightning technologies to their limits. Our main added value is to combine material, manufacturing and sensor technologies know how with highend software development skills to surpass human eye in the detection of defects on a challenging material like CFRP.

  • High speed multi-sensor/robot data synchronization
  • Sensor/robot/illumination synchronization
  • Multi-sensor head calibration
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