Leakage Detector


Our leakage detection system allows a fast localization of leakages in vacuum setups and enables more efficient bagging of composite parts.

  • Reduced processing time through fast leakage localization
  • Parallelization of processes through automatic vacuum assessment
  • Data continuity through part-related data storage
  • Facilitated bagging through integrated vacuum control function


Our leakage detection system can provide benefits in all industries using infusion technologies for composite part manufacturing.

  • Localization of leakages in vacuum bags of large vacuum infusion parts
  • Detection of leakages in RTM molds
  • Improved draping of vacuum bags for complex prepreg parts
  • Detection of thermally induced leakages in composite and metal molds


Our leakage detection combines precise measurements with improved process ergonomics.

  • Evaluation of vacuum tightness based on gas flow and pressure development
  • Automatic assessment of vacuum tightness
  • Localization of leakages possible through communication of multiple devices
  • Precise vacuum control to ease draping of auxiliary materials
  • Automatic data transfer to existing ERP systems


Through continuous further development we plan to improve the functionality of our leakage detection system.

  • In oven measurements for continuous leakage monitoring
  • Assessment of drying stepsĀ for improved part quality
  • Data analysis tools to track trends and derive optimization measures
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